NEPBA held two “informational” meetings this week—one in Chicopee and one in Worcester. Why didn’t they send you a fax telling you how great the meetings went?

At the Chicopee meeting, where six people showed up, members asked NEPBA if they could guarantee them that their NAGE contract would transfer to NEPBA.

The NEPBA response was exactly this:
“It’s complicated. We can’t guarantee it.”

At the Worcester meeting, only five people showed up. Again, the most urgent question was: Will the contract transfer?

NEPBA answered again: “We can’t guarantee it.”

Only NAGE can guarantee your contract and your 10% raise.


September 8, 2011

Dear Fellow Trial Court Member,

My name is Ellie Ussow, and I am an APO out of the Barnstable Probate Court. I am writing this letter to share with you a very troubling occurrence I experienced the other night at an NEPBA informational meeting in Plymouth.

I attended the meeting with the hopes of gathering information about the NEPBA and what they can do for us. Instead I was belittled, harassed, and called names by “supporters” of the NEPBA. Not once did any NEPBA employee, including its director Jerry Flynn, attempt to bring any sense of civility to this meeting. In my opinion Mr. Flynn had a duty and responsibility to bring civility back to the meeting; he did nothing. I was called “princess” and told on more than one occasion to “just shut up and sit down”.

True leaders set the tone and tenor for the organization they represent and they should do so with the utmost dignity and respect for those in attendance. This is an organization vying for my vote, and they treated me disrespectfully.

I’ve heard a lot of stories about the NEPBA and Jerry Flynn, like a federal jury finding that he discriminated against a female police officer in Lowell, and the “good ’ol boys” on his executive board. Well, seeing is believing, and I saw it all last night and I can tell you, I want no part of it! I think if you witnessed what I experienced, you wouldn’t either.

Thanks very much for giving me the opportunity to share my experience with you. We all have a very important vote coming up and we should consider very carefully which organization will represent ALL OF US with the dignity and respect we all deserve.

In solidarity,
Ellie Ussow
APO, Barnstable Probate


Who really knows!?

The NEPBA is the latest (we think) operation in a long list of curious ventures that Jerry Flynn has stumbled into.

Flynn has been associated with at least five FAILED COMPANIES, most of which have left little trace of their operations behind.

Jerry operated a bar in the 1980s. When that DIDN'T WORK OUT he jumped into being "treasurer" of something called “Innovative Laser Technology.’’ Whether he was hawking Lasik surgery or hair removal, it's hard to know for sure.

When that venture FAILED, he switched to calling himself the "chief contact" for a broadly titled “National Association.’’

More recently, Jerry latched onto the title of "Director" of “Lighthouse & Palm, LLC,’’ a “real estate sales rental and management’’ outfit.

So many ventures, so many angles, so little time.

How does Jerry find time to manage NEPBA?

Easy. Part-time with blue smoke and mirrors.

How long will NEPBA really stay afloat?

That's what Jerry's members are asking.

"The NEPBA is not capable of providing the representation that you need and deserve. The NEPBA will never be the right choice. Allowing them to represent your interests and the financial security of your family would be taking a losing risk. NAGE/IBPO has been a consistent, powerful leader for law enforcement officers across the Commonwealth."


That's not all BPPA President Nee had to say about the NEPBA. Read the letter

"NAGE is a powerhouse and always will be. NAGE has been an instrumental leader in every battle and campaign that has tested the mettle of public employees in the last 50 years. I have been proud to work with NAGE and look forward to continue working with NAGE in the years ahead."


Read PFFM President Ed Kelly's Letter

"MASS C.O.P. joined with NAGE/IBPO and other police groups to form the Massachusetts Coaltiion of Law Enforcement Organizations (MCLEO). Only one police union in Massachusetts did not participate." (Guess who that "one police union" was ...) "NAGE/IBPO is a force for working families in Massachusetts and around the country. Their leadership, support and thoughtful guidance are well respected and often sought out by labor groups across the state."


Read MASS C.O.P. President Hugh Cameron's Letter

Jerry Flynn is a former president of IBPO Local 382, which represented Lowell police officers. In an election overseen by the state Labor Relations Commission in 2007, Jerry’s brothers and sisters of the Lowell Police Department—the officers he worked with day-in and day-out for so many years and the officers who know him best—said “no thanks” to Jerry and to the NEPBA and voted strongly against joining his organization.

Jerry is also a former vice president of the IBPO. He was a very strong supporter of the organization for many, many years and had nothing but extraordinarily positive things to say about it—until he became a former vice president. He became a former vice president because a federal court jury determined he discriminated against a female police officer from the Lowell Police Department. Jerry quit his position with the IBPO in disgrace after determining that, with a damaging and shameful jury verdict, his effectiveness going forward would be very limited.


Jerry Flynn

Rich Brabazon

Sean Doyle

Randy Wagoner

John Cotnoir

Deb Battista

Dan Crevier

Rick Looney

Marty Conway

Butch Alpers

Jeff Cote

Bryan McMahon

Paul Larkham

Rich Cote

Ed Guy

If you're interested in a comparison, you can click here to check out the composition of the NAGE National Executive Committee and NAGE National Executive Board

You know Bernie Dow. He’s the guy who joined the NEPBA as State Director of Organizing in 2010. He’s the guy the NEPBA calls, “a consummate professional in all positions he held in the Trial Court.”

He’s the guy who testified under oath that he paid for his promotion to Assistant Chief Probation Officer.


NEPBA’s Bernie Dow testified that after being passed over for a half dozen promotions, he decided to obtain sponsorship from then-Speaker Sal DiMasi, even though he wasn’t a constituent. According to the Ware Report, Dow “began contributing to DiMasi in the belief that this would assist in securing DiMasi’s assistance in his promotion.” (Read Bernie Dow's testimony


On September 26, 2004, Dow made a $500 donation to the Committee to Elect Sal DiMasi, his first donation to the House Speaker ever. Five months later, Dow donated another $500 to DiMasi—this while Dow was in the middle of interviewing for positions.

In total, Dow contributed more than $1,600 to Speaker DiMasi or one of his committees in just over a one-year span.

When asked if he knew he got his promotion to Asst. Chief Probation Officer through help from Speaker DiMasi and his chief of staff, Dow responded “absolutely.” Speaking of himself in the third person, he says, “I don’t find fault with Bernie Dow, that he gave a thousand dollars or whatever he gave to Sal DiMasi.”

If you are one of the hardworking probation officers passed over for promotion because you didn’t have $1,600 to throw at DiMasi or some other politician, you have every right to find fault with Bernie Dow.

How can you trust an organization that hires a guy like Bernie Dow?